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Company Info
15 years ago we started collecting beautifull and interesting items to decorate stylish houses to make them homes! We started a company and we still enjoy making people happy with our very special home decorations.

During our search for nice stuff, we also found special bronze sculptures. We found classic known sculptures, but also modern innovative onces.

The more classical sculptures are interesting because of their historical meaning, the modern pieces are very special because of their modern artistic value. We are in direct contact with the producers of our bronze sculptures, which makes it possible to have influence on the quality of the collection.

We believe that you should thoroughly enjoy every aspect of selecting and purchasing your sculpture.
So if you have any questions or suggestions, if you want us to help you find a special bronze sculpture, if you need a last minute gift…
please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Because a bronze sculpture is something you buy for a life-time!

Our online stores

We own one shop in Tolkamer in the Netherlands in which we sell a selection of the articles we show in our online stores.


decostyle-winkelIf you have any questions or suggestions, if you want us to help you find a special item or gift, please let us know!


Have fun when shopping on our sites!

With best regards,

Team Decostyle

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