Bruno Zach

Bruno Zach was born on May 6, 1891 in in Zhytomyr in the Ukraine. Zach died in 1945 in Vienna.This very talented artist and sculptor went to Vienna, Austria, to increase his ability and his knowledge about art at young age. Bruno Zach learned under Hans Bitterlich and Josef Mullner. They were professors at the Academy of Fine arts. This academy was founded in 1692 as a private academy.
During his time as a student Zach, also known as Zack, was also working for many different foundries in Vienna and created many bronze statues.
The sculptor designed a great number of erotic female nudes and dancers that reflect elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. These sculptures are nowadays famous and beloved collectors items. Zack’s beautifull filligree bronze figures always reach very high prices at auctions all over the world.