Sports Figurines

Bronze sculptures add meaning and a bold statement to your place. If you are a sports lover and want to showcase the enthralling sporty soul, nothing can beat Bronze Sports Figurines.

Best Sporty Figurines – Get at Your Place

Our best Bronze tennis player sculpture on a marble base is a must-have figurine to make it a focal point among your won trophies or at the corner table of your room. It is of purely bronze with a fine polish that makes it stand out.
If swimming and diving run in your blood, your passion booster diving sculpture of a diver on a solid marble base will show how passionate you are about diving. This full of confidence sculpture will keep you motivated and remind you never to quit whatever the situation is.

Sports Figurines – Take your pick!

What could be more energizing sport than Polo and our cold painted bronze sculpture of a polo player on the horse is significantly pointing your keenness for it. This cold painted technique we are focusing on in our sculpture is running since the 1920s when the art deco period started. We are creating this spectacular masterpiece with traditional Lost Wax or Hot cast method with original features. Give it a suitable place in your house and it will brighten it up with fine finish enamel paint.

Golf! A club and ball sport of players enthrallingly striking ball to the holes and standing with pride is a must captured pose that we didn’t miss and presented to you with a bronze sculpture of a standing golfer. Let this sculpture add pride to your gleaming space. It is cold painted and finished with enamel coating without any imitation.

Bronze sculpture of a young skier with hands in the pocket is depicting how eager he is that rather than riding a bike he preferred skis. This sculpture of a bold boy is truly handmade cast using the Lost Wax Method and is signed by the artist. Order it now and gift it to your child to empower his ski passion.

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Showing all 3 results