Bronze Sculpture – The Darwin Monkey


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The Affe mit Schädel (“ape with skull”) is a famous work by the late-19th-century German sculptor Hugo Rheinhold. The statuette is otherwise known as the “Affe, einen Schädel betrachtend” (monkey viewing or contemplating a skull) and known as “The Darwin Monkey”.
It was first exhibited in 1893 at the Große Berliner Kunstaustellung (Great Berlin Art Exhibition).

Created by the traditional lostwax or hotcast method in bronze.
Not to be confused with cheaper immitations. This is of the very finest quality.
The statue is standing on a marble base, this nicely cast bronze Darwin Monkey is a great centerpiece for your home or office.

Original made by: Hugo Rheinhold

Height: 14.3 cm
Width: 8.1 cm
Depth: 12.3 cm

100% Bronze

Weight: 3.1 Kg

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Weight 3.1 kg