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Bronze Sculpture – Flying Mercury


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Bronze Sculpture of flying Mercury.

Giovanni da Bologna’s famous Flying Mercury statue, captures the Greek messenger of gods speeding through the skies. Mercury is depicted wearing a petasus with wings on his head and winged sandals which give him speed in flight. He carries the caduceus in his hand, the magic wand given to him by Apollo that has come to symbolizes the practice of medicine. A bronze column of breath from Aeolus, the wind god, serves as a pedestal to propel Mercury upward and forward. Mercury points upward towards Jupiter in a contraposto pose that is both elegant and powerful. With his knowledge of anatomy and exceptional artistic skills, it is no wonder that this masterpiece remains one of today’s most cherished bronze artworks. This statue, designed by Giovanni da Bologna, is originally sculpted in 1580.

Created by the traditional lostwax or hotcast method in bronze.
Not to be confused with cheaper immitations. This is of the very finest quality.
The statue is standing on a marble base, this nicely cast bronze sculpture is a great centerpiece for your home or office.

Original made by: Giovanni da Bologna (1529 – 1608)

Height: 68.5 cm
Width: 22.3 cm
Depth: 14.9 cm

100% Bronze

Weight: 7.8 Kg

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Weight 7.8 kg