Bronze Sculpture of Descending Panther


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Product Description

Bronze Art Deco Sculpture of a descending panther on a marble base.
It’s a truly lovely period piece to grace any sideboard or table.

Original made by: Michele Decoux (1837-1924)

Height: 34.3 cm
Width: 9.3 cm
Depth: 23.3 cm

100% Bronze

Weight: 8.6 Kg

Artist Info

Michele Decoux (1837-1924)

Belgian artist who moved to Paris during the Art Nouveau era.
Specializing in bronze animal statues, especially wild cats; panthers, leopards and lions.
Her streamlined and realistic feline statues were expertly finished with fine finishes and detailing.
Decoux also excelled in the use of cold cast painting, which brings her statues to real life with an

exceptional patina.